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Integrated Medicine

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integrated medicine

We at Texas Medical Concierge believe "Life is simple if we reflect upon nature and learn from it". People will remain healthy if they live in close healing harmony with mother nature. The doctor of the future will hopefully be scientifically sound while being intuitively alert to the signals of nature.

Modern medical science is marvellous but is limited by its focus on physical means and methods of treatment. Methods imposed from outside whether biochemical, mechanical or surgical disrupt the body’s self regulatory functions and make it vulnerable to toxins and debilitations which may result in outweighing the short term benefits of symptom relief and may have serious side effects.

We humans are an integrated product of mind, body, intellect and soul imbued with consciousness and a potential to transcend physical limitations. Modern medicine thus shall have to be reinvented and realigned to evidence-based holistic therapies.

Our proposed integrated approach is a confluence of diverse healthcare traditions deploying cultural studies combining conventional modern medical technologies with wellness concepts and practices. By deploying cutting edge telemedicine technologies we provide our clients with all their complementary therapy options.

Evidence-based Holistic Therapies:

Traditional Chinese Therapies

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